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Tajweed for Beginners

Beginners level Tajweed is designed for students who wish to learn the basics of Tajweed. Students will learn how to accurately pronounce the Arabic alphabets, will be able to identify and apply the Points of Articulation (Makhaarij al-Huroof), will recognize and identify letter joining and will learn the basic rules of Tajweed and its applications. Our experienced instructors try to make this course easy to comprehend, yet stimulating whilst enriching beginner students’ knowledge on the application of the rules of Tajweed.

Registration For This Course Is Not Available
Course Duration : 20 Days

Course Start Date : Aug 19, 2014

Course End Date : Oct 22, 2014

Course Type : Live

class Fees : $0.00

Other Fees : $0.00

Credits/Units : 0

Department : islamic

language : english

Course Payment Type : one time pay

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